Monday, 1 January 2018

Steps To Follow When Prepare Your Car Before Getting It Moved To Your New Address

You are #relocating to a new place from #Bhopal to within India, and may be thinking to drive your car to the destination that because that will be more fun and exciting, but with that don’t ignore the other factors such as the expenses of fuel, wear and tear #cost, toll tax, driver salary, personal expense etc. and beside this the main fact to be consider while you thinking for driving your car to the destination is do you know the way and area very well, have you gone there on your own? There Is no risk involve? If it is unknown way then I suggests you, to not to take a risk, beside this you can hire professionals in Bhopal for relocating your car to the destination, which you obviously  will go for if you are going to shifting aboard , then why not to avail it now too.

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Packers And Movers In Bhopal

Before the arrival of packers and movers in Bhopal, follow the below steps before getting it moved for the new address.

  1. Before shifting of your car clean it, properly wash the exterior of your car and then clean its interior space.
  2. Once you are done with the cleaning of your car, inspect and note down your cars condition, see for the scratches, dents and paint chips on it, and click the clear picture of such on your phone simultaneously, this is for the better understanding of the car current condition and also when the movers comes for picking up the car, inspect with them about your car condition so they can’t say that, that is not their fault it is before the #transportation etc. for claiming them it’s important to be full proof with the evidences.
  3. Check the condition of car’s battery is it in good condition? Is it fully #charges, if not then charge it and check is it well secured with supporting bracket.
  4. Don’t load your car with the full tank; it is better to have only ¼ fuels on the tank, as it is irrelevant to full it tank, because your car is not to be driven there it is just loaded in the other vehicle and will be relocated there, also if you don’t want to keep your #relocation #cost low then don’t load your cars weight with the more fuel.
  5. Check the entire vehicle for any fluid leakage, if you find any immediately fix them up.
  6. Check the tires of your car are inflated properly.
  7. Dismount any no permanent racks on your car.
  8. Check twice so to make sure there are no hazardous items left in the car.
  9. Don’t touch license plate.
  10. If you have child safety seat no need to worry you can leave them intact.
  11. If you have convertible vehicle then make sure you have taken necessary steps to protect its top.
  12. Inform in advance to the driver about any prior mechanical problem in your car.
  13. Before relocating your car from Bhopal prepare another set of your car keys, and keep the original one with you and keep the other one to the truck driver.
  14. Check your car odometer and record is working properly.
  15. Before relocating from Bhopal make sure your current insurance for your car is active and will be active till the end of the relocation process.
  16. Don’t leave anything etc other than the standard items and accessories came with your car.
  17. Before #loading your vehicles, fold the side mirrors of your car and detach the antennas on it.
  18. Check that there is no loose part in the exterior of your car
  19. Check that you haven’t left any of your personal items in the car, because insurance doesn’t cover the loss of personal; items in the car.
  20. Remove any past parking pass and toll tags on the car.

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